50th Reunion Photos: 25-26 June 2004

Our BHS/BCHS 50th Reunion ...
27-29 June 2014
Laura Speed Elliott and Sts. Peter and Paul High Schools
Boonville, Missouri, USA

The BHS/BCHS 50th Reunion was held in Boonville from Friday-Sunday, 27-29 June, 2014. The planning committee included Gail Jackson Klusmeyer, Brent Bozarth, Frank Thacher, Wayne Lammers, Paula Lowther Shannon, Barbara Jaeger Holtzclaw, Nancy Jewett Tillman, Steve Solomon and Tom Klusmeyer. There was a class dinner at the Isle of Capri ballroom Friday evening, participation in the Heritage Days Parade on Saturday morning, the All-School Reunion Dinner at the Isle of Capri ballroom Saturday evening, followed by an informal get-together of classmates at the home of Brent Bozarth, and a farewell class brunch at the Isle of Capri Sunday morning.

Photos of the weekend were taken by Orin Nagel's daughter Sarah Sykes, and there were also the usual excellent photos by Gary Friedrich and others, all of which were made available to all classmates via the (then) BHS64-L list through links to downloadable photo files on Dropbox.

Thus, only three photos are (currently) being placed in the BHS64 web resources, these being Friday evening group shots of (1-2) all classmates; plus (3) classmates with spouses (those who had been able to attend). Both are available in reduced-size and the original versions. Click on the reduced-size photos below to see the higher-resolution originals. All may be downloaded.

Group Shot of Classmates at the Banquet

Group Shot of Classmates at the Banquet, #1
(First Row, L-R): Wayne Lammers, Mike Hurt, Freya Barger, Gary Friedrich, Larry Huffman, Gail Bruce

(Second Row, L-R): Elke Weber Beltz, Gail Jackson Klusmeyer, Barbara Jaeger Holzclaw, Jeanne Finley Hotle, Cynthia Sterling Zolk, Paula Lowther Shannon, Judy Stegner Reese, Shirley Garrison King, Linda Esser Box, Nancy Jewett Tillman, Marilyn Drechsel Roth, Alma Taylor Bader

(Standing, L-R, sometimes 3-deep): Gary Stegner, Mike Straub, Tom Stock, Bob Bishop, Roger Clark, Lewis Wagner, Jim Bolinger (partly hidden), Monty Wilkerson, Larry Suiter, Louis Thomas, John Hopkins, Mark Wooldridge, Brent Bozarth, Skip Jaeger, Tom Klusmeyer, Jim Seubert, Jim Piles, Dennis Tyree, Jim Richerson, Frank Thacher, Margaret Gerke Hershewe, Darlene Sherman Toellner, Paul Gifford, Ted Stock, Nancy Turley Haber, Diane Heather Ledgerwood, Donavan Oerly Davis, Butch Friedrich, Rosemary Leathers Goode, Joyce McNaughton Bledsoe, Don Wilson, Mary Ellen Dishion Roth, Orin Nagel, John Lee Jones, Steve Solomon, Sondi Bayne Jones, Tom Million.

(The same gang and order once again, but different photo)

Group Shot of Classmates plus Spouses at the Banquet

Group Shot of Classmates plus Spouses at the Banquet
The order has changed somewhat in this shot, and many faces are partially hidden. Spouses not in the previous picture include, following roughly the same order as above:

(Row 1) Janey Hurt, Kathy Huffman, Linda Bruce, Steve Tillman, Judy Friedrich;
(Row 2) Mary Lou Stegner, Glenn Beltz, David Hotle;
(Standing) Becky Wagner, Betty Lou Stock, Sandra Nieman Bishop, John Holzclaw, Barbara Brownfield Wooldridge, Carolyn Bozarth, Pam Jaeger, Kathy Tyree, Harold Sherman, Stanley Thomas, Linda Wilson, Bob Bledsoe, Susan Nagel, Toni Gifford, Julie Thacher, Sandy Stock.

Please let John know if corrections should be made to the identities!

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