About BHS64 and the BHS64List

About BHS64 and the BHS64List . . .

The BHS64 Web Resources

The BHS64 website and the original "BHS64-L" e-mail list were created following a meeting of the joint classes of the two Boonville high schools in the Laura Speed Elliott auditorium on the morning of 26 June 2004. John Hopkins had proposed that a website and list would be useful to expedite communication among class members, both with an eye toward future reunion organization and also other interests class members may have in maintaining contact and exchanging information.

To have the most concise name, it was decided that "BHS64" would refer to the 1964 graduating classes of both of the "Boonville High Schools." The website and list will also serve as pilots for possible adaptation by other classes, or for the BHS/BCHS Alumni Association itself.

BHS64 web resources rapidly grew to include photographs and other information on our shared school history in Boonville, as well as links to a variety of Boonville, Cooper County, and other Central Missouri historical resources.

From 26 July 2004 through 30 August 2016, BHS64 and BHS64-L were hosted by the FAST Area Studies Program of the University of Tampere, Finland. Following John's retirement from the university, from August 2016 onward the web resources are being hosted at bhs64.jdhopkins.fi, a subdomain of John's post-retirement personal website.

The Original BHS64-L and the New 'BHS64List' ...

In Spring 2016, the BHS64-L e-mail list, which had operated via Tampere University's LSOFT Listserv software, was replaced by BHS64List, which operates via Gmail.

Whereas BHS64-L had been interactive, with classmates able to post to all other classmates on the list, the BHS64List is not. Mail must first be sent to bhs64list@gmail.com, and John will then forward it to all classmates whose e-mail addresses are on BHS64List. This in fact mirrors what had been the practice for BHS64-L, as relatively few classmates elected to post directly via the list.

As of our 2014 50th reunion, all 1964 BHS/BCHS classmates who have e-mail addresses should now be on BHS64List. If you know of anyone who is not receiving class e-mail via the list, or if your e-mail address has recently changed, please notify John at John.David.Hopkins [at] gmail.com.

For those who are historically inclined, 71 monthly logs of all messages sent via BHS64-L between July 2004 and January 2016 (there were a number of months when no messages had been sent via the list, and the Tampere University listserv apparently stopped creating monthly logs at the beginning of 2016) are available via John in PDF format. Just ask for the month/year(s) in which you are interested.

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