Class of 1964 Central School Class Photos

Irene Amick's Afternoon Kindergarten Class

Scanned by JH

Front Row, L-R: Caroline Price, Linda Mae Leathers, Linda Esser, Pamela Kay van Scay, Pamela Davis, C.W. Linhardt, Bobby Hill, Marsha Gambill, Jimmy Derendinger, Jimmy Bolinger, Keith Pointer.

Middle Row, L-R: Nancy Selsor, Diane Heather, Linda Faye Lerner, Pat Jones, E.J. Kopine, Billy Paine, Robert (Butch) Friedrich, Mickey Diehl, Wayne Soph, Tom Pulliam, Jerry Pulliam.

Back Row, L-R: Linda Herrig, Betty Jo Stock, Sandra Bayne, Frank Thacher, Tommy Gould, John Hopkins, Annette Williams, Chuck King, Tom Klusmeyer, Mark Wooldridge, Wayne Lammers.

(Names as annotated by John's mother on the back of his class photo)
No Photographic Credit Was Given For the Photo
(photo is 1767 pixels wide, but displayed at 750; download for full-size display)

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Last Updated on 23 August 2016