Class of 1964 Central School Photos

Mr. McCollum's Central School Band Photo

Photo scanned by John Lee and Sondi Jones

Front Row, L-R: Margie Bullard, Bettye Callison, Nicki Buschmeyer, Pat Jones, Tizzy Shepherd, Bonnie Fredmeyer, Sandi Shook, Nancy Knabe

Second Row, L-R: Pam Creighton, Tommy Thomas, Steve Solomon, Jackie McCarthy, Nancy Selsor, Janie Schlotzhauer, Margo Glover, Meredith Arnold

Third Row, L-R: Jeanne Finley, Kathy Eidman, Kenny Edwards, Cathy Price, R.D. Taylor, Dick Baker, Monty Wilkerson, Kathy Penick

Fourth Row, L-R: Pete Douglass, Mark Wooldridge, John Lee Jones, Bill Wood, Ed Cundiff, Orin Nagel, David Smith

Fifth Row, L-R: Denny Tyree, Mark Eckert, John Bruns, Frank Thacher, (Mr. McCollum), Mack McCarthy, Paula Lowther, Ruth Ann Hodel.

Thanks to John Lee and Sondi Jones for scanning and sending the photo, and providing most of the names recorded on it.
And thanks to Pete Douglass and Nancy Knabe for providing the remainder!

Photo by Toennes Studio, 601 Main Street, Boonville
(photo is 3500 pixels wide, but displayed at 750; download or open in new tab for full-size display)

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Last Updated on 14 September 2016