Class of 1964 Central School Class Photos

Izola Jones' 6th Grade Class Photo

Scanned by JH from Izola's original

Front Row, L-R: Kathy Penick, Pam Davis, Donna Oerly, Carol Morrow, Joyce Kaiser, Brent Bozarth, Alvin Taylor, Skippy Jaeger, Johnny Williams.  

Second Row, L-R: Bettye Callison, Paula Lowther, David Lee Linhart, Bobby Huff, Tommy Thomas, Billy Joe Jennings, Morris Cox, Dennis Tyree, Tommy Stock.  

Third Row, L-R: C.W. Linhardt, Stevie Solomon, Tommy Million, Mark Wooldridge, Nancy Selsor, Larry Suiter, Eddy Cundiff, Frank Thacher.  

Back Row, L-R: Jeanne Finley, Mary Ellen Dishion, Cathy Price, Elaine Floyd, Shirley O'Bryan, John Hopkins, Artie Johns, Jerry Pulliam.   (King Edmonston was originally in the class but moved away earlier in the year.)

Names are as written by Izola Jones on the back of her class photo

Photo by Toennes Studio, 601 Main Street, Boonville
(photo is 1736 pixels wide, but displayed at 750; download for full-size display)

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Last Updated on 29 March 2010