Class of 1964 Central School Class Photos

Frances Garrett's Fourth Grade Class Photo

Photo scanned by Steve Solomon

Front Row, L-R: Jeanne Hickson, Stephanie Todd, Morris Cox, Jerry Dickson, Bettye Callison, Marcia Kenny, Monty Wilkerson, Wilbur Arnold, Jacqueline Felten, Charlotte Cramer

Second Row, L-R: Bonnie Fredmeyer, Larry Thurman, Mike Straub, Brent Bozarth, Joe Pyles, King Edmonston, Bobby Huff, Sharon Lamm, Linda LeFevre, Steve Solomon, Darrell Brown

Third Row, L-R: David Johnmeyer, R.D. Taylor, Tom Pulliam, Eleanor Shepherd, Sandra Bayne, Gene Dorman, Tom Klusmeyer, John Lee Jones, Mike Bellamy, John Stock

Thanks to Steve Solomon for scanning and sending the photo,
and to Steve's mother for having written the names of all his classmates on the back of his photo!

Photo by Toennes Studio, 601 Main Street, Boonville
(photo is 891 pixels wide, but displayed at 750; download for full-size display)

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Last Updated on 05 February 2010