Class of 1964 Central School Class Photos

Barbara Eidman's Fourth Grade Class Photo

Photo scanned by Linda Bruce

Front Row, L-R: Nancy Fisher, Alice Harris(?), Gail Bruce, (?), (?), Larry Suiter, Tommy Stock, Ann Wooldridge, ?, Mike Dowling

Second Row, L-R: Roger Clark, Tom Million, Tommy Thomas, Jim Bolinger, Wayne Soph, Judy Priester, Carol Morrow, Bob Weed, Lenny Schrag, Ronald Hill(?), Pat Jones

Third Row, L-R: Cathy Price, Barbara Deuel, Ted Stock, Jim Piles, Frank Thacher, Tom Klusmeyer, Jerry Pulliam, Elaine Floyd, Nancy Selsor, Shirley O'Bryan.

Thanks to Gail and Linda Bruce for scanning the photo!
Photo by Toennes Studio, 601 Main Street, Boonville
(photo is 1162 pixels wide, but displayed at 750; download for full-size display)

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Last Updated on 01 September 2016