Class of 1964 Central School Class Photos

Miss Elizabeth Boehm's First Grade Class

Scanned by JH

Front Row, L-R: Nancy Fisher, Judy Purdy?, Jimmy Bolinger, XXX, Keith Pointer, Jackie Birge, Wayne Simmons, Bonnie Fredmeyer, Mike Dowling, Jacqueline Felton, Pam Davis, C.W. Linhardt.

Middle Row, L-R: Roger Clark, Linda Purdy, Tommy Million, XXX, XXX, Jeanne Finley, (?), Jerry Pulliam, Larry Thurman, Ronald Hill, Marlys Dunham.

Back Row, L-R: Shirley O'Bryan, Mark Wooldridge, Betty Jo Stock, Tom Pulliam, Jimmy Hickam, Chuck King, John Hopkins, XXX, Artie Johns, Nancy Selsor, King Edmonston.

(Identities as annotated in a note accompanying John's photo, with nine names having been missing)
Photo by Toennes Studio, 601 Main Street, Boonville
(photo is 1950 pixels wide, but displayed at 750; download for full-size display)

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Last Updated on 29 March 2010