Class of 1914-15 Central School Class Photo

'Old' Central School Photo from 1914-15

Scanned by JH

A Central School class photo from 1914-1915, probably the second grade. John's mother, Erna Rowe [Hopkins], is second from the left on the front row. Can anyone identify anyone else? No one looks very happy in this shot, possibly having something to do with there still being snow on the ground with the pupils not wearing their coats.

This was the 'old' Central School, built in 1867 as the first public school in Boonville. This building was expanded in 1870 and 1896, eventually becoming the elementary school when Laura Speed Elliott was completed in 1915. The old Central School burned two days after Christmas in 1937; the present Central School was built on the same location.

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Last Updated on 29 March 2010